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Reinforced Concrete Slabs - Suspended


Super Kwik Slabs cast their slabs in-situ - i.e. the concrete is cast into its form on site. This is done by erecting formwork that covers the area of the building that requires a slab. Once the formwork is in place, the deck is then leveled to ensure that the soffit of the slab is level. The next step is to fix the steel according to engineers' specifications. Once this has been done, the appointed electricians and plumbers may install their boxes and pipes. The final step is then to cast the wet concrete - usually by means of a concrete pump.

Once the concrete has been cast, the formwork remains for at least 7 days after which 70%-80% of the formwork is stripped. The remaining props are then removed after a further 14 days.

Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs

A slab on the ground is required often where a heavy load must be borne in a designated area (e.g. parking for heavy vehicles, or loading space for heavy materials such as steel). Such a slab on the ground ensures a level surface without sagging. Adding steel to such a concrete structure enables the forces to be distributed within the slab thereby strengthening the slab and extending its lifetime.